Professionalize your retail residential HVAC service operations TODAY!  Retail residential HVAC contractors can gain online access to proven professional retail residential service department business systems, flat rate repair pricing systems, proven service agreement program, work delivery processes, forms and staff implementation support that have resulted in increases in typical service department profitability of 55% or more. 

Service Call Lead Generation Procedure:

  • ​Written step-by-step website marketing guide to maximize the number of daily service calls.
  • System Condition Report provides a powerful means to identify periodic post call lead campaigns.
  • Includes a service call handling process that systematically harvests 3 out of 10 calls to closed quoted work.
  • Includes a consumer repair or replace decision chart used when repair is 40% of replacement for a typical 400% increase.

Professional Service Call Handling Procedure:​

  • Written step-by-step professional service call handling procedures and forms.
  • Dispatcher Service Call Handling Communication Guide.
  • Technician Service Call Handling Communication Guide.
  • A Service-Right Customer Survey form to identify repair, retrofit, or replacement information.
  • Service Call Brochure customized to your business.
  • A customer equipment “Repair vs. Replace” Decision Graph customized to your business area’s typical air conditioning and heating equipment replacement costs.
  • Users can print as many brochures and “Repair vs. Replace” graphs as required at no extra cost.
  • Paying Technicians for Profits Incentive Plan.
  • Paying Selling Technicians for Profits.
  • Written work delivery standards and procedures.

​​Fix-Right Flat Rate Repair Upfront Pricing Guide:

  • Includes 99.9% of all common residential HVAC system failures.
  • Customized to your service business overhead and profit requirements.
  • Pricing method helps you to close 8 out of 10 customers to a service agreement.
  • Includes repair graphics to make it easier to explain what caused the problem, typical solutions, and how to prevent.
  • We easily customized to your business name, address, and Logo.
  • Users can print as many books as required at no extra cost.
  • Includes a Quickbooks, or for your Field Management Software, price guide import file.
  • Unlimited updates and online private staff user training.

Flat Rate Service Invoice (Printer Cost Not Included):

  • Quickly customized to your business name, address, and Logo.
  • Service agreement discount option and an option to include a customer care response card.
  • Includes a discount coupon option off future HVAC repair or for a service agreement.
  • Users can get upfront pricing service invoice printed direct from our preferred print vendor.​

Maintenance Agreement (Printer Cost Not Included):

  • ​Quickly customized to your business name, address, and Logo.
  • A 21-point maintenance and inspection program.
  • Annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options.
  • Best practice liability protection terms and conditions.
  • Users can get maintenance agreements printed directly from our preferred print vendor.

Program Delivered Online Right to Your Desktop:

  • Achieve HVAC success by training your people TODAY!
  • Provided LIVE and 24/7 pre-recorded and LIVE step-by-step online job training.
  • Unlimited access to online expert consulting and LIVE process implementation support.