Retail Residential HVAC Contractors can gain online access to proven professional retail residential installation department business systems, flat rate good, better, best, premium HVAC replacement and ductless mini-split pricing system, proven replacement selling program, work delivery processes, forms and staff implementation support that have resulted in increases in typical installation department profitability of 45% or more.

Replacement Lead Generation Procedure:

  • ​Written step-by-step website marketing guide to maximize the number of daily service calls.
  • Includes a sales call handling process that systematically harvests 3 out of 10 calls to closed quoted work.
  • Price guide includes a built-in professional selling system to close 85% of catastrophic repairs and 65% on request for quotes.

Professional Sales Call Handling Procedure:​

  • Written replacement sales call handling, and installation standard procedures and forms.
  • Includes our Home Use & Livability Survey form to identify HVAC replacement scope of work requirements.
  • Replacement installation booking, mobilization, inventory control, work delivery forms, and scheduling procedures.
  • Includes a consumer repair or replace decision chart used when repair is 40% of replacement for a typical 400% increase.
  • Comfort Adviser “One-Call” proven sales call handling process and communication guide.
  • Paying installers for for labor efficiency.
  • Paying selling techs/comfort advisers for booked profits.

​​Ready-Built Dealer Presentation/Flat Rate Installation Pricing Guide:

  • Designed to make it easier for the Comfort Adviser or selling technician to explain who you are, what makes you different, why you have to set the standards of performance in the area, and what regulation-compliant process you will use to provide the right solution at the lowest possible price.
  • Upfront pricing customized to your preferred manufacturer’s equipment product line, business overhead, and profit requirements.
  • Price book is quickly customized to your business name, address, and Logo.
  • Users can print as many books as required at no extra cost.
  • An Excel-based upload option for importing into accounting programs.
  • Continuous updating of price book costs.
  • Unlimited user labor cost or other price requirement changes.

Which HVAC/R Contractor Best Meets Your Needs questionnaire:

  • 20 Questions designed to help you raise the competitive bar with the customer by explaining your liability protection insurance, drug testing, background checks, safety training, and installation delivery and quality assurance methods.

Upfront Replacement Proposal-Agreement Template:

  • Quickly customized to your business name, address, and Logo.
  • Ties to our Home Use & Livability Survey to help reiterate customer replacement objectives.
  • Includes check-off of proposed scope of work to replace the existing HVAC system.
  • Includes check-off of Installed-Right Assurances, Warranties, and Guarantees.
  • Best practice liability protection terms and conditions.
  • Proposal-Agreement printed directly from our preferred print vendor.

Program Delivered Online Right to Your Desktop:

  • Achieve HVAC success by training your people TODAY!
  • Provided LIVE and 24/7 pre-recorded and LIVE step-by-step online job training.
  • Unlimited access to online expert consulting and LIVE process implementation support.