Increase your Staff’s Motivation and productivity TODAY!  Our human resource management department business systems are for all the contractors who want their HVAC businesses to establish a “Customer and Profit Focused Organizational Culture” within their business. This department integrates seamlessly with both retail residential or commercial service HVAC business systems. 

Complete Set of Performance Based Job Descriptions, Incentive Pay Plans, Application & Forms:

  • Customizable set of performance-based job descriptions for all residential and commercial job positions.
  • Performance-based job descriptions are specified work tasking contracts between each employee and the company.
  • Performance-based job descriptions double as objective individual performance evaluation and corrective action planning tools.
  • Increase profitability through employees taking personal ownership of improving productivity and quality control while achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Customizable set of performance-based incentives for all selected residential and commercial job positions.
  • Customizable company confidentiality agreements template.

Employee Handbook Template:​

  • Includes the means to help comply with both federal and state laws via properly written statement of company policy.
  • Enables you to establish clear policies that employees can follow, and limits company exposure to legal liability.
  • Provides answers to employees’ questions about insurance and other benefits.
  • Helps new employees gain insight into your company’s culture by emphasizing your company’s ethics and philosophies.
  • Users can print as many handbooks as required at no extra cost.

​​Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Staffing, and Deployment Written Delivery Procedures:

  • Included are effective recruiting, hiring, staffing, training and deployment techniques.
  • Provides details on the steps necessary to legally and effectively recruit, interview, select, and hire top-notch employees.
  • Helps you avoid poor hiring practices that can quickly drive an organization into the ground.
  • Helps prevent your company from engaging in discriminatory hiring practices.
  • Proper methods to screen resumes and/or applications against the prioritized qualifications and criteria established.
  • Methods to determine candidate compensation requirements.
  • Guidelines to prepare a written position offer letter that states and formalizes the salary, reporting relationship, and any other commitments the company has promised.

Leadership Training, Mentoring and Coaching:

  • Included are effective leadership training and techniques
  • Provides details on the steps necessary to become an effective role model for your company your staff.
  • Helps you avoid poor labor management practices that can quickly drive an organization into the ground.
  • Help drive business to be customer satisfaction, company profit and employee friendly place to work.

​​Program Delivered Online Right to Your Desktop:

  • Achieve HVAC success by training your people TODAY!
  • Provided LIVE and 24/7 pre-recorded and LIVE step-by-step online job training.
  • Unlimited access to online expert consulting and LIVE process implementation support.